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The Indie Grind with Host Rhasheeda Davis & Special Guest-R&B & Jazz Artist Carlos Budd Ford

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Hello Hindsighters,

Check out The Indie Grind with Host Rhasheeda Davis as she speaks with R&B and Jazz Artist Carlos Budd Ford about his music, upcoming projects, and his grind in the music industry. Heard only on Hindsight Media Radio 103.5 FM, where there's always "Something Good To Talk About.

A voice like no other, the authentic and uniquely sensually soulful vocals of Carlos Budd Ford have a distinction all their own. Looking to feel a void left by melodically entrancing R&B legends of yesteryear, Carlos is ready to embark on what seems at times (at least according to what's played regularly on today's radio) a perilous journey. Hailing from Los Angeles, California by way of Kansas City, Missouri, this country boy is prepared to seduce minds and bodies with a lethal mix of Soulful R&B, splashed with a twist of smooth jazz and hip hop flavoring. Once signed to legendary major urban labels; Uptown/MCA and Ruffhouse/Columbia respectively as one of the lead vocalist in the group Four Sure, Carlos seized upon the opportunity to learn valuable life lessons in both work ethic and perseverance from a virtual who's who of seasoned vets and up and coming label mates.

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Hello Hindsighters!

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